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Serving With Pleasure And Ensuring Safe Relocation

Relocation is great but not the stress that it brings along. It is always a wise idea to hire the most trusted packers and movers service in Kolkata or elsewhere in the country. When you shift your base, it is not just the physical relocation but even emotional. You must be having friends to catch up with and say them ‘bye’. So, how about hiring the Kolkata Packers And Movers to take care of your relocation requirements?

Your Trusted Partner For Safe Packing

The furniture, crockeries, upholstery and everything that made your life more comfortable is also your habit. When you shift to your new home, you need them there too and unharmed. You may even be emotionally attached to some of them and we totally understand that. We are professional packers and movers, skilled and trained for the job. When packing we pay attention to individual articles and their packing requirements. We diligently pack your furniture and other belongings and we schedule the task. It ensures your furniture is relocated within the committed time.

Careful Transition, Loading And Unloading

Often the concern with transferring your furniture and other important belongings is their safety. You may be bothered about possible damage during transition and handling for the process. So we too are cautious about it and handle your articles very carefully. We ensure they are not bothered by the jerking during the transition.
Sophisticated furniture, decor pieces and crockeries are vulnerable to such transition hassles. So we keep them enough cushioned so that they are not affected by the jerking. Even a minor crack would spoil an article and that’s unwanted. We use our own vehicle for transportation; they are good shock absorbents too.

Materials For Durable Packing

Packing materials are very crucial and the Kolkata Packers and Movers uses the best of them. Packing is much more than putting different articles in different carry-able containers or wrapping them for the journey ahead. The way you pack furniture is different from the way you pack a teapot or your cycle. We pay attention to detail and individual articles that must be relocated and have suitable packing strategies for each of them.
When it comes to packing materials, the Kolkata Packers and Movers handpick the best of them. We generously use bubble wraps to secure sophisticated and potentially brittle articles. We use superior thermacol sheets and boxes to ensure that they are well-cushioned during the journey and they are also saved from the jerking. We also use quality shipping cartons for assuring packing. After all, you must make every attempt for protection until you are safe!

Relocating Your Vehicle

How can you forget this? Whether you own a two-wheeler or a car, it’s your need. When you shift to the new location, you would still need it. We help you in relocating your vehicle too. We use different vehicles for transport two-wheelers and cars, depending on the need. Our team safely loads your vehicle on the carrying vehicle and carefully unloads and parks it in your new home. Your vehicle is safe with us and reaches you on time; we are committed to our contract.

Interstate Relocation

It’s comparatively easier to relocate within the state but if you are shifting from Kolkata to any other state, and vice-versa then we decide a separate strategy for it. Inter-state relocation also involves a lot of other factors and unforeseen elements. So, a good packers and movers company will always have a wide and supportive network. The Kolkata Packers and Movers do have a wide network of friends and officials who ensure hassle-free transportation. However, we did take considerable time to build up such a strong and reliable support system. We are grateful for it.
It’s a pleasure for the Kolkata Packers and Movers to serve you. While chasing your dreams you must never stop, at least not worrying for safe and timely relocation. Drop us a message or ring us on the number mentioned. We are happy to help you!

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