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Sutapa Packers Movers

101 Dumdum Road, Near Hanuman Mandir, Kolkata, West Bengal. Pin- 700074

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Why you should hire The Kolkata Packers and Movers?

It’s difficult to pack your life in a box but that’s mandatory when you are shifting base. We are the millennial, chasing targets, being chased by deadlines, following aspirations, catching up with friends and living in between. The best thing is moving to new places. But doesn’t that comes with furniture relocation owes? It may not turn out to be so bad if you hire the best packers and movers in Kolkata for the job.

The Kolkata Packers Movers is your friend for your unique relocation requirements. We have a team of expert professionals helping you to relocate your furniture, appliance and other belongings to your new location. This company was formed in 2015, to dissolve the ‘scare factor’ of packing your belongings, carrying such huge cartons and ensuring their safety. The teams in action have been trained for the job and experienced for the same. We use our own vehicles to transport your belongings. Thus, we have complete control of the process, stick to the committed time and can assure you complete safety of your belongings.

Best Packers and Movers in Kolkata

Kolkata has charmed people for life or you may say that the joyous spirit of the city draws people towards it. Whatever the reason be, lakhs and lakhs of people move to Kolkata and make it their home. Also, some people move away from it only to return later. Whether you move into the city or away from it, packing remains a drilling task and the safety of your belongings also remains a concern. Hire the best packers and movers in Kolkata to relocate your furniture and other articles to your new location.

Trained and Skilled Experts

The professionals in our teams have been trained for the job that sharpened their skills. They pack your furniture diligently and ensure they are handled safely. Often what means more than skills is an attitude; it determines the quality of the service. This is why we use in-house training to sharpen their skills and improve their approach to the tasks. This is what differentiates regular packers and movers from the trained and skilled expert packers and movers in Kolkata and beyond. We strive to serve you with the best of services and with care.

Safe Packing and Handling

Your furniture and other belongings in your home have been making life simpler and better. They are your habit and we understand that. We ensure your articles are safely packed and remain unaffected by a collision when they are being transported. We use bubble wraps, superior quality thermacol sheets, shipping cartons and secure them well with adhesive tapes and other materials too. The team pays attention to every article and takes the responsibility for their safe relocation.

Committed Deadlines

Deadlines are common professional standards for any profession. The Kolkata Packers Movers work with deadlines, we are committed to it. Thus, we plan accordingly and deliver within agreed deadlines. Over the years we have built a reputation that we take pride in, for our timely and successful deliveries. This has made us the most trusted of packers and movers in Kolkata.

Happy To Help

Relocating your furniture and belongings is our job, and we love doing that. This is what that gets us going. We understand how important your furniture and other belongings are in your life, and so we take care of them as our own. This is where the lines of professional commitment meet compassion, and we like it this way.

Moving to a new place brings with it a sense of achievement freshness unbound. While the thought of shifting your furniture and other belongings overburden you with worries. Now, you can keep your worries aside because we can step in right there and help you to relocate your furniture and other things safely to the new destination. You have found the best packers and movers in Kolkata. Contact us today or you may call 9477092545 for more information.

Frequently Asked Question:

There may be few questions you want to clear about our services. Go through the following section to meet all your queries.

How to protect valuable and likeable products while shifting?

This is probably the most important query you can have when planning for shifting from one place to another. To save your delicate items, you must opt for a nearby and cost-effective packers and movers service. Their expert and experienced professionals will help you to shift so smoothly that you don’t need to worry about your things. That service providers will definitely assure you to get your things intact with the help of tools including tapes, bubble wraps, markers, packing papers etc.

How to choose the finest packers and movers in Kolkata?

To grab the superior most facility, you should have to look for the past reviews provided by the customers or clients. Besides, you are supposed to compare the prices of different packers and movers. With us, you may have the guaranteed service as we deliver the value-driven one. We completely understand the needs and demands of our clients and help them to obtain the best possible service at doorstep.

What is the price rate of packers and movers in Kolkata?

Well, that can vary according to the distance of two places, the amount of goods need to be shifted, the number of cars required for shifting, number of connected staffs and so on. You should try to avail packers and movers service in close proximity to get easily benefited. Moreover, the charges can be variable according to BHK. Last but not the least, diverse companies offer various rates and you have to tally that first.

What are the advantages availed with packers and movers?

So many positive factors are associated with this service as in that case, you are not required to get tensed about the safety of your goods. Highly reliable and experienced men are there with us to load and unload your things while shifting. Get in touch with us to witness the level of professionalism and punctuality. Even, we are available online all day long and you can reach us through the mode of the internet.


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